Wednesday, October 10, 2007

CHARLENE says...

Strippers –What could be going on in their minds as they strip and perform to their ever so devoted spectators? I dare you to journey with me down this forbidden lane…

A friend I once knew, told me that she only worked at a strip joint to manage her tuition fees at Uni. I sometimes wondered; aside from the fact that you can earn twice as much working at a strip bar compared to a regular job as a waitress or bartender, why would someone do such a job?

For anyone to choose this career path as a permanent choice, makes you stop to think if they really do enjoy being a stripper? And if they did enjoy being a stripper, how could they explain this enjoyment that they have to regular people who think that they are just cheap entertainment with no values?

I guess there’s only one way to explain…to find out more about the adrenaline and thrill strippers get when they perform on stage. Like everyone else, there’s always that sense of influence that motivates you to want to do something repeatedly.

So what is it?

Well, in this time and day, you see many dance studios teaching numerous dance routines including the all-too-famous ‘pole dancing’. As we know, ‘pole dancing’ is one of the many routines used by strippers. I’ve seen a friend of mine showing me some of the routines before and I must say, it is not as easy as it seems. In fact, I reckon it’s not just the skill but the strength that is required to perform this routine. Mind you, it’s not like going out on the dance floor on a Friday night with the girls having those drunk slutty dances. I guess from here, you can say that when a stripper performs the ‘pole dance’ routine, in her mind she must be really proud to show off her skills off to her audiences.

As for the stripping part – most women are insecure of their bodies. There’s always a certain part of a woman’s body that a woman doesn’t like. But the strippers, they are really confident about how they look and they are certainly not afraid to parade in the nude. Maybe their biggest vote of reassurance comes from the club’s policy of ‘you can look but you cannot touch.’


Anonymous said...

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